The Pearl Health Center is a Christian nonprofit organization made up of loving and committed people with a passionate desire to relieve the suffering of the people of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The Center offers a variety of services that help people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


With a population of around 68 million in Central Asia, the Pearl Health Center is also a training and counseling center for other organizations with the same desire for Central Asia.


Dovlet and Svitlana, the Founders of the Pearl Health Center, moved to the large city of Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2012 and began to minister to the needs of people by offering health and marriage consultations. They also operated a clinical health room where they performed massage, hydrotherapy treatments and a variety of other services to help people with a host of illnesses.


In addition to the walk-in clinical treatments they also began an 11-day live-in program, which offered guests the opportunity to be a part of their day-to-day lifestyle. Each day was started with morning devotions focused on God’s deep interest and love for all humanity. This was followed by a yummy and nutritious breakfast and a moderate exercise program. The rest of the day included treatments, presentations and hands-on cooking classes. The day ended with personal time to relax or socialize.


The live-in programs offered a truly sustainable ministry in the city but as the ministry developed and grew, Dovlet and Svitlana realized the need for a larger center away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A place that offered the guests peace and quiet and the opportunity to walk in nature and hear the voice of God. Dovlet and Svitlana also believed that they needed a place where guests could be a part of caring for plants and experience even greater physical and mental health benefits.


Dovlet and Svitlana were actively praying and studying and discovered statements from the pen of Ellen White like, “In many places it will be necessary to begin sanitarium work in the cities; but, as much as possible, this work should be transferred to the country as soon as suitable locations can be secured.” 7T, p.60


It was shortly after Dovlet and Svitlana began praying about property in the country that they were offered land outside of the city. They recognized God’s hand leading them to a greater ministry to the people of all Central Asia.


God provided a beautiful location with an ideal building site, farmable land, a river beside the property and a fascinating view of mountains in the distance. Dovlet and Svitlana have moved to the property and are living in an existing building, developed a 3-acre garden, which is used to feed the guests and staff and established a well with an abundance of water.


In October of 2015, Dovlet and Svitlana came to the United States to present the Pearl Health Center to donors and were successful in raising around 40% of the monies needed for project completion.


Dovlet and Svitlana returned to the center in April of 2016 and are doing all they can to help the people of Central Asia while developing the final health center building.


They covet your prayers and would appreciate any funds that can be donated and will provide a tax-deductible receipt through Outpost Centers International (OCI) located in Apison, TN.