Muslim Man Healed Of Multiple Diseases

One time we received a call from a doctor and she was requesting that her husband come to the Pearl Health Center for the lifestyle program. He suffered from a heart attack and had bypass surgery.  He was only 39 years old! His condition was difficult because he couldn’t breathe and he had high blood pressure. On top of all that, he had depression and he couldn’t really walk. His wife was desperate and asked if he could come to the center and go through the program. His wife is a Seventh-day Adventist so she really wanted him to learn all the health principles and learn how to live by them. During the 10 days that he spent at the center God gave him an amazing experience. His blood pressure improved because he lost weight and his depression almost disappeared entirely.  His walking also got better and he could breathe more easily, which made it easier for him to talk. When he returned home he was so impressed that he shared with his wife about his experience and told her you are going to the true church. This is an amazing testimony from this Muslim man after experiencing the lifestyle program and experiencing God’s healing.

Muslim Women Healed Of Cancer & Accepts Jesus

One time we had a Muslim lady that came to our health room and she told us that she found us on the Internet because she knew that the Seventh-day Adventist Church understood health principles that helped people. She found the Adventist church in Almaty and she came that Sabbath and was asking for health consultation. She had breast cancer in the third stage. We gave her advice about what she could do at the moment but also invited her to come and be a part of a lifestyle session. She came and went through the program and experienced all the treatments. She was greatly blessed and continued to practice the healthy lifestyle during the next few months. We kept in touch for the next few months and she shared with us the miracle that she was cured from cancer. In a couple more months she let us know that she had accepted Jesus as her Savior and was baptized.

Muslim Woman Accepts Jesus Before Passing

One young woman of 38 years came to our lifestyle program and had cancer in the fourth stage. She went through the Pearl Health Center program and she found hope. She was not cured of cancer and in a few months she did pass away but before she died we had the opportunity to visit her in the hospital and asked her if she accepted Jesus. She answered, “I did accept Jesus as my personal Savior.” She also told us that she saw Jesus in her dream and that when she prayed He would come and comfort her. Jesus would take some pain away and so she told us, “I do believe in Jesus and I do accept Jesus.” Sometimes there is no physical healing but there is spiritual healing and we praise God for this.

Muslim Sister Controls Diabetes & Begins To Read The Bible

In another lifestyle session we had two sisters, one of them was a Seventh-day Adventist and she brought Muslim sister with her. The Muslim sister had been struggling with type II diabetes for more than 20 years. She had gone to different countries to receive treatment but her blood sugar was still very high and sometimes over 400 so after realizing there was not a lot of help in the avenues she was pursuing she decided to come to the Pearl Health Center. In one week her blood sugar was almost normal at 120 and so every day her insulin intake was reduced. Her life was transformed and she was so happy that she started reading the Bible with her Adventist sister. It was the physical healing that opened her heart to receive spiritual healing and we are so excited for her in her new life.

A Young Girl Controls Diabetes & Meets Jesus

A young girl, only 17 years old was sent, via one Christian couple family to our lifestyle program. This girl has diabetes type one. God really blessed her with much better health and she learned to control her blood sugar but the most important was learning about Jesus. After the program she started to come to church regularly on Sabbath and we praise God for this.