Building Project

The Lifestyle Center Building Project

When the live-in lifestyle sessions first started it was clear that God was blessing the ministry. Guests were healed and even cured, you can read some testimonies here, we simply saw amazing results to our efforts to help the people of Kazakhstan. It became clear that the ministry needed to be away from the city where the patients/guests could experience a natural surrounding with quiet environment. A place where they could walk without cars and even choose to care for plants on a small farm.

We began to pray and shortly thereafter a husband and wife couple came to the center for some health and family consultation. We became good friends and in time, the husband was baptized.

Amazingly, he is an architect and he said God inspired him to help us make plans for a new Pearl Health Center, free of charge. He was so helpful and together we planned for a center that would meet the needs of a growing ministry that could take live-in guests as well as local walk-ins that would come for health consultations, treatments and to purchase items from our shop.

Now we had the plans for a new center but what about the property for the new center? Well, as God provides, a man came and offered us land for the new center. The property is rural, affording us the solitude necessary for a better patient experience. Mountains are visible in the distance and there is a river bordering the back of the property. The land is good for growing food as well and so we know God is leading us to establish the first Lifestyle Center in Central Asia.

Some of the staff that had been working with us in the capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, were experienced realtors. Now we have all the paperwork done for zoning and meeting all the laws for building the center. We could not be more amazed at how the Lord has led us.

In May of 2016 we will begin construction of the first lifestyle center in all of Central Asia!

This lifestyle health center will offer the guests:

A kitchen that can prepare not only meals but enough space to prepare specific meals to meet the needs of each guest, whether they have hypertension, diabetes, gout or any other health condition. Treatments that include hydrotherapy, massage, chiropractics and special exercises for muscular and skeletal problems. A room where presentations can be done to teach the guests about physical and mental health.

Our team of 10 people will be able to serve up to 15 guests during the 11 days of live-in program and these programs will meet all the financial needs of the center.

Download the plans for the Health Center

Photo Documented Progress Of Lifestyle Center